Interior Desing

Free-Standing Metal Shelves by Ronda Design

Ingenious, creative and lush – free-standing metal shelves designed by Ernesto Trapanese  for Ronda Design. Hastag is a free-standing metal piece of furniture comprising...

Stylish City Dwelling in Vilnius

A new interpretation of modern city dwelling in Vilnius for a young family in Vilnius by Interjero architektūra design studio with owner and designer...


Green House with Rooftop Terrace Garden

Singapore, of course, with its mild climate, great botanical variety and abundance of sunlight is a perfect place for designing and constructing houses with...

Giant Circular Stair by NEXT Architects

NEXT architects designed the Mobius strip stair. It is a rusty steel ring upon a grass hill. This giant circular stair leading the visitor...

Modular System VegeTable

Maximum Garden House

Kettal Garden Pavilion

Green Architecture Design


Clothing Collection

Jung Eunyoung’s ‘clothing’ series, responds to people’s taste in fashion, but expressed through the medium of furniture. Each seating object starts out the same,...

Family of Objects Made of Cork

Twodesigners realised a family of objects based on the connection between different elements. Every combination has its own identity as well on a visual...

Yue Restaurant

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Bathroom Furniture Set by Makro Design

A single-block element composed of a bathtub integrated with a washbasin unit by means of an aluminium framework structure available in various standard finishes....

Clothing Collection